Who we are

LAPMONK is a professional services and digital media firm that offers integrated solutions. We empower you to discover enchanting possibilities that leave you inspired.

LAPMONK is located in Minnesota; Saint Paul USA with partnerships and collaborations around the world. From coffee shops, to design studios, to boutique workspaces, the dream of working on inspiring projects is something LAPMONK delights in.


To be a strategic partner whose sole objective is assisting organizations, businesses and individuals thrive in an era of digital transformation and organizational change.


To learn something interesting every day, meet people, share ideas and collaborate.

Core Belief

Creating Enchanting Experiences: LAPMONK believes in passion, skills, collaborations and creativity to deliver meaningful connections across interactions and projects. LAPMONK strives to embrace different cultures during travels around the world to meet clients, partners and friends.

Our Story

With a wealth of experience in diverse sectors, LAPMONK is an open minded organization which values creativity and growth.
We seek opportunities to learn, meet new people, share ideas and collaborate so that we may fully utilize our knowledge and skills to the utmost benefit of the organization or clients we serve. We are driven to pursue strategic opportunities by developing & executing growth opportunities within and between organizations, cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services. At the core of our daily interactions is to figure out how to create value and opportunities for growth, building long term relationships, identifying gaps in the value chain and addressing business expectations. Each step is to create value that will keep clients empowered. At the end of the day our goal is to do work that matters and do the best work of our careers.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We Value Collaborations and Partnerships as a way to be effective, unlock hidden gems of wisdom, create valuable friendships and germinate creative forward thinking approaches to delight our number one fans.

Join the Fold and Discover Enchanting Possibilities

Discover our amazing offerings and delight yourself on a magical trip to another world filled with unlimited fantasies waiting for you. Each click of your mouse and tap of your keyboard awaits a whole uncharted territory.