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“Abstract: The Art of Design,” a captivating docuseries created by Scott Dadich, transcends the boundaries of conventional design narratives, providing an intimate and insightful exploration of the minds behind some of the world’s most influential creations. Launched in 2017, this Netflix original weaves together the stories of iconic designers from various disciplines, unraveling the intricate dance between creativity and commerce. In this comprehensive TV show review, we delve into the transformative world of design, extracting 15 key business insights embedded within its visually stunning and intellectually stimulating narrative.

TV Show Summary:

“Abstract” unfolds as an anthology, with each episode dedicated to a different design luminary, ranging from graphic designers and architects to illustrators and automobile designers. The series features renowned figures like Bjarke Ingels, Paula Scher, Christoph Niemann, and other visionaries who have left an indelible mark on their respective industries. As the show delves into the creative process, it simultaneously unravels the symbiotic relationship between design, business, and the human experience.

The visually arresting cinematography, coupled with in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses, offers viewers an immersive experience into the minds of these design maestros. “Abstract” serves not only as a celebration of creativity but also as a nuanced exploration of the economic, cultural, and societal impact of design on a global scale.

15 Key Business Insights From the TV Show:

  1. Design Thinking as a Business Strategy: “Abstract” underscores the role of design thinking as a powerful business strategy. Designers featured in the series employ empathetic problem-solving approaches to create solutions that resonate with users and consumers.
  2. The Intersection of Art and Commerce: The series explores the delicate balance between art and commerce in design. Designers navigate the challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional products while meeting market demands.
  3. Brand Identity and Visual Language: The importance of brand identity and visual language is highlighted. Designers delve into the process of crafting distinctive brand identities that communicate the essence of a company or product.
  4. Innovative Product Design and Consumer Appeal: The show delves into the realm of product design and its impact on consumer appeal. Designers discuss the need for innovation and the art of creating products that captivate audiences.
  5. Architectural Design and Urban Planning: Episodes featuring architects emphasize the role of architectural design in shaping the urban landscape. The series explores how architects influence the functionality and aesthetics of cities.
  6. User-Centered Design and Human-Centric Solutions: “Abstract” highlights the importance of user-centered design, focusing on creating solutions that cater to the needs and experiences of the end-users. Designers prioritize human-centric approaches in their work.
  7. Sustainable Design and Environmental Impact: The series delves into sustainable design practices and the responsibility of designers to consider the environmental impact of their creations. Designers grapple with the challenges of balancing aesthetics with eco-conscious choices.
  8. Design Leadership and Collaboration: Design leadership and collaboration emerge as crucial themes. The series showcases how effective leadership and collaborative efforts drive successful design projects, transcending individual brilliance.
  9. The Business of Illustration and Visual Storytelling: Episodes featuring illustrators delve into the business of visual storytelling. The series explores how illustrations contribute to brand narratives and communicate complex ideas in a visually compelling manner.
  10. Design Education and Mentorship: “Abstract” emphasizes the significance of design education and mentorship. Designers share their experiences as educators and mentors, shaping the next generation of creative minds.
  11. Technology’s Impact on Design: The series examines the profound impact of technology on design practices. Designers leverage cutting-edge tools and digital platforms to enhance their creative processes and reach wider audiences.
  12. Cultural Influences on Design: Cultural influences on design are explored as designers draw inspiration from diverse sources. The series highlights how cultural awareness shapes design choices and resonates with global audiences.
  13. Design as a Catalyst for Social Change: Design as a catalyst for social change emerges as a recurring theme. Designers use their craft to address societal issues, advocating for inclusivity, diversity, and positive change.
  14. The Business of Fashion Design: Fashion designers featured in the series offer insights into the business of fashion. From haute couture to sustainable fashion, the show delves into the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.
  15. The Impact of Design on Emotions and Experiences: “Abstract” explores how design influences emotions and experiences. Designers share how their creations evoke specific feelings and contribute to shaping memorable moments in people’s lives.


“Abstract: The Art of Design” stands as a testament to the transformative power of design in shaping the world we inhabit. As we conclude this extensive TV show review, it’s evident that the series not only celebrates the brilliance of individual designers but also underscores the profound impact of design on business, culture, and society.

Scott Dadich’s creation invites viewers to appreciate the multidimensional nature of design, transcending its aesthetic dimensions to encompass strategic thinking, social responsibility, and cultural resonance. “Abstract” is more than a visual feast for design enthusiasts; it is a thoughtful exploration of the intricate interplay between creativity and commerce. In a world where design influences every facet of our lives, “Abstract” serves as a compelling reminder of the indomitable power of human creativity to shape the future.

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